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Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University (DBRAU) has published the exam result for M.Sc. (Previous), M.Sc. (Final) & M.A. (Final) courses in a set of disciplines. The Agra University Result 2015 can be checked at the official website of the University– dbrau.ac.in— so that candidates can access the DBRAU Result 2015.

Agra University Result 2015

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University is situated in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It was known as Agra University before and is one of the oldest institutions located in Uttar Pradesh. Later, the University was renamed as Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University in 1996. The university has its expansion in Agra Division: Agra, Aligarh, Etah, Mainpuri, Hathras, Firozabad and Mathura. Currently, university has around 200 colleges affiliated to it and 15 residential institutions located in Paliwal Park, Khandari Campus, Civil Lines Campus and Chhaleshar Campus.

Latest Agra University Result 2015

Date Exam Name Status
31-AUG-2015 Agra University  B.Sc. Part-II Result- Updated Published  
31-AUG-2015 Agra University  B.A. Part-II  Result- Updated Published  
31-AUG-2015  Agra University  B.Sc. Part-I Result- Updated Published  
31-AUG-2015  Agra University  B.A. Part-I  Result- Updated Published   
31-AUG-2015  Agra University  B.SC. 3rd Year  Result- Updated Published   
31-AUG-2015  Agra University B.A. 3rd Year  Result- Updated Published   
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Plant Breeding & Genetics Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Previous) Mathematics Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Horticulture Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Previous) Geology Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Previous) Physics Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Previous) Botany Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Agriculture Extension Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Previous) Chemistry Published  
27-AUG-2015  M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Animal Husbandry & Dairying Published  
27-AUG-2015  M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Ag. Chemistry & Soil Sc Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Previous) Zoology  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Agronomy  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Agriculture Economics  Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Previous) Ag. Zool. & Entomology  Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Animal Husbandry & Dairying Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Plant Breeding & Genetics  Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Ag. Chemistry & Soil Sc. Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Final) Chemistry Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Agriculture Economics Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Final) Zoology Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Agriculture Extension Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Final) Statistics Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Final) Botany Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Final) Geology Published  
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Final) Mathematics Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Horticulture Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Agronomy Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Ag.) (Final) Ag. Zool. & Entomology Published
27-AUG-2015 M.Sc. (Final) Physics Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) History Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Hindustani Music (Instrumental) Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) R. S. C. D Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) R. E. Co.operation Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) English  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Mathematics  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Urdu  Published
27-AUG-2015  M.A. (Final) Drawing & Painting Published
27-AUG-2015  M.A. (Final) Philosophy Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Economics  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) A.I.H.C  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Military Science Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Sanskrit Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Political Science  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Sociology Published
27-AUG-2015  M.A. (Final) Geography Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Music (Vocal/Sitar)  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Psychology  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Hindi  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Education  Published
27-AUG-2015 M.A. (Final) Home Science Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Home Science Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Education Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Drawing & Painting Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) R. S. C. D. Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) R. E. Co.operation Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Indian Music (Instrumental) Published
26-AUG-2015 Agra University Result- M.A. (Previous) Sociology Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Political Science Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Psychology Published
26-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) English Published
23-AUG-2015 B.Sc  2nd Year Result Published
23-AUG-2015 Agra University Result – B.A. 2nd year Result
19-AUG-2015 DBRAU B.A. 1st Year Result Published
17-AUG-2015 DBRAU B.Sc. 1st Year Result Published
12-AUG-2015 DBRAU  M.A. (Previous) History    Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Philosophy Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Mathematic Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Geography   Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Urdu Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Economics   Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) A.I.H.C. Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Hindi Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Military Science  Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Sanskrit Published
12-AUG-2015 M.A. (Previous) Music (Vocal/Sitar)  Published
30-July-2015 DBRAU BBA VI Semester Published
30-July-2015 DBRAU B.C.A. VI Semester  Published
30-July-2015 DBRAU  B.A. 3rd Year  Result Published
26-July-2015 DBRAU B.Sc. 3rd Year  Result Published
24-July-2015 B.Com Voc (6th Sem may 2015)  Published
24-July-2015 B.Sc Voc (6th Sem may 2015)  Published
22-July-2015 DBRAU M.Com (Final)  Published
16-July-2015 DBRAU M.Com (Prev)  Published
04-July-2015 DBRAU B.Com 2nd Year Result Published
03-July-2015 DBRAU B.Com 1st Year Result Published
30-June-2015 DBRAU B.Com 3rd Year Result Published
19-June-2015 B.Com (VOC) Part-III  Published
19-June-2015 B.Com (VOC) Part-II   Published
18-June-2015 Agra University Result 2015- B.Com (VOC) Part-I   Published

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