Gujarat Technological University Published 2014 MBA 1st Semester Results

Gujarat Technological College (GTU) stated the Results of MBA 1st semester exam. The exam was composed December 2014.
GTU Exam Results 2014:
Gujarat Technological College declared the Results of MBA 1st semester assessment on Thursday, March 12, 2015. Candidates can examine their Results on the official website-Gujarat Technological University.
Regarding Gujarat Technological College:
Gujarat Technological University (GTU), Ahmedabad was established in 2007. The Gujarat Technological College, a lot more frequently referred to as GTU, is a statewide institution connecting many esteemed engineering, drug store and also management universities and varsities across the western Indian state of Gujarat. The college is headed by the state federal government and also came into existence in 2007.
Previously, Gujarat College was the prime college of Gujarat state heading all colleges including technological universities. Their mission is to give attribute higher education in consonance with their motto ‘knowing promotes natural skill’. They strive to develop citizens with knowledge, ability and character resulting in social makeover as well as national advancement.

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